Friday, January 26, 2007

Gonna be famous

Not really, but I finally did a TV news piece I'm proud of.

If you're in West Michigan, WOOD TV8 (and probably WOTV 4) will be airing a news piece on wireless security with myself, Matt Carpenter of Intelguardians, and Dick Murray of the US Attorney's office. Despite the potential for overuse of the term 'wardrive,' we talked about and demonstrated MitM attacks against wireless clients. Hardly rocket science, but hopefully it opens some eyes. And it's certainly cooler than kismet with a cantenna (though we did that, too).

Plus it was great to work with Matt and Dick. I always feel like I gain IQ points by osmosis when I talk with Matt. He's teaching Hacker Techniques at SANS Detroit at the end of February. You should go.

UPDATE: The story will air during the news at 11pm EST on Thursday 02/01/2007

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