Friday, July 13, 2007

Guest Spot on Security Skeptic

Security Skeptic Dave Piscitello has reposted to his blog (with my blessing) one of my posts to the fw-wiz mailing list. It's a couple of lessons-learned from my days of implementing Entercept and CSA for clients. I recommend that you read Dave's blog. He's like Mike Rothman without the book deal. To say he's a veteran is to understate his expertise and experience. He was doing network programming for Unisys back in '82, when I was still watching the Electric Company and wearing my Members Only jacket. :-)

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Dave said...

For accuracy's sake, Paul, I was programming minicomputers in 1974 for Burroughs. By 1982 I was working on distance vector routing and talking with folks about this ArpaNet thing...

At the time, someone told me the Internet would never be anything more than an academic toy:-)