Tuesday, September 25, 2007

eBay Hacked?

Sounds like somebody may have hacked an eBay server or two and dumped member dox to one of the forums. Keep a close eye on your credit cards that are associated with eBay and/or PayPal. Also keep an eye out for an announcement from eBay of the personal info disclosure.

Update: Maybe not. May have been a problem with eBay software. Either way, personal info seems to have been disclosed. Here's a post (that's subsequently been pulled) from an eBay employee:

"xman@ebay.com View Listings Report 26-09-07 00:47 EST 82 of 88The site wasn't actually hacked... it was a server issue where the system displayed the poster's information rather than the post itself. Being that the credit card information was on a different server, that info came up incorrect. It was not some hacker sitting there entering in someone's information and using a card generator."

More here.

Another Update:

Check out some video of the actual data. Look out for the cheezy Nintendo music. It'll sneak up on you!

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