Thursday, September 6, 2007

Firing Up The Rumor Mill

So last week we saw the first post from a new MSDN blog - "hackers @ microsoft." It's in my RSS feeds for now. Microsoft hiring hackers is hardly a newsworthy rumor. It's pretty much common knowledge. The big success story of infosec has been Microsoft's product turnaround over the past 5 years. The message there, that you as an infosec professional should take back to your organization, is that throwing money at security works. So tell them to throw more money at you and your projects.

The rumor I want to start has to do with the hiring of new hackers by Microsoft. Specifically, I'm going to loudly whisper that Microsoft may have hired Mark Litchfield. Here's the evidence I have compiled:

1) Mark was supposed to teach at BlackHat with his brother David, but couldn't. According to David, he was denied entry into the US because Customs felt he may have abused the visa waiver program (like Halvar). Apparently, the reason for his frequent trips to the US prior to BlackHat had to do with purchasing a house in WA.

2) But maybe Mark is moving to the US to focus on growing NGS in the states, you say. Except that NGS already has its US headquarters in Dallas.

3) If you dig around in bugtraq archives, you will see that Mark has published vulns in all variety of Microsoft products, from 2003 Server to SQL Server to IIS to IE to Outlook. Of course, Mark has spent a good amount of time publishing vulns in Oracle products as well. But Oracle's not headquartered in Washington. Microsoft is. Plus, Oracle still doesn't "get it." Microsoft does.

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