Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Message for Digital Flow

I was following up on some suspicious JavaScript content and found this:

//****** Advanced DHTML Popup Pro Version, Build: 130 ******
// Copyright (c) Digital Flow Software 2005-2006
// The present javascript code is property of Digital Flow Software.
// This code can only be used inside Internet/Intranet web sites located on *web servers*, as the outcome of a licensed Advanced DHTML Popup application only.
// This code *cannot* be used inside distributable implementations (such as demos, applications or CD-based webs), unless this implementation is licensed with an "Advanced DHTML Popup License for Distributed Applications".
// Any unauthorized use, reverse-engineering, alteration, transmission, transformation, facsimile, or copying of any means (electronic or not) is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.
// ***Removal of the present copyright notice is strictly prohibited***

And subsequently, this:

Unblockable popups

The popups that are created with Advanced DHTML Popup are not blocked by standard external window blocking software as they are part of the web page and not windows on your visitors desktop.

So, first of all, I would like to say that for as long as your "intellectual" property appears on my network just like a malware dropper, I will continue to reverse engineer its content to verify its intent. Second of all, you guys seem pretty smart. Why couldn't you find real jobs?

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