Friday, December 7, 2007

2008 Security Blog Predictions

Predictions seem to be a less popular topic this year than they were last year when nearly everybody with a blog made a stab at security predictions for 2007. There are still a few who have dusted off their crystal balls and taken a stab at it.

My blog wasn't up and going last year, so there are no poorly made guesses about security trends out there for you to hold me accountable for. This year will be no different. Instead, I present to you, dear readers...

My 2008 Security Blog Predictions

  1. MSRC will continue to only post on the 1st Thursday and 2nd Tuesday of each month.
  2. Matasano will burn up their clients' 2007 budgets and start posting again in January.
  3. Richard Bejtlich will still be the only guy blogging about network taps.
  4. Raffy will still be the only guy talking about AfterGlow, even though it works with Snort and Greg Hoglund used it in his new debugging tool.
  5. Nate Lawson's blog will be surpassed by Chris Eng's as the most difficult to digest. Especially if Nate keeps posting exclusively about vintage computers and BaySec.
  6. The Wired Support Intelligence blog will finally be declared abandoned and taken offline.
  7. People will continue to read Schneier's blog, even though it's just Bruce riffing one-liners on 2-week old articles.
  8. I will finally read WebSense Labs' blog regularly because they will add an RSS feed.
  9. I will finally blog about my experiences upgrading ArcSight 3.5 to 4.0, because my hardware will eventually arrive and I will finally be able to do the upgrade.
  10. ...and last but not least, security blogging will continue to really just be all about Google page rank.

Thank you, and good night.


nate said...

Hopefully I can keep you happy in 2008. Those veracode guys are too busy spending their piles of cash to write about things. :-)


PaulM said...

Nate, I hope that you took my post in the lighthearted way that it was intended. And, yeah, I can't help but notice that Eng is so busy buying gold-plated yachts he's got Wysopal blogging for him now. :-)

Anyway, the two SSL articles are an excellent start to the year and a nice return to your previous super-genius level of content. You're well on your way to reclaiming the title.