Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A nasty storm blew threw West Michigan on Sunday and Monday with lots of wind damage. It knocked out power to major chunks of the city, including the airport, which is literally close to home for me. Fortunately, the uptime on my OpenBSD box shows 25 days, so we never lost power (or cable, which is good, because I am trying to Tivo My Name Is Earl reruns that I missed.) So if you're family and you're reading this, we're safe and warm.

And then there are the latest mutations of that ongoing Storm thingy that fortunately doesn't leave people homeless or stranded. It's still annoying, though. You can't help but get the sense that the spammers are all taking advantage of the holidays:

That's 60 new spam messages in my Postini quarantine since Friday. That's not my GMail account, which has closer to 7K, but rather my work-only address which is seldom-published and hardly sees any spam. Additionally, Postini only shows me messages it's not sure about, so that's almost always new variations of spam messages. For me to have 60 in a month is rare, let alone a few days. The dirtbags have been busy.

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