Monday, February 11, 2008

ArcSight 4.0 Part 2: Awesomeness

All you need to do to know that ArcSight has made some big improvements to it's v4.0 ESM product is read a press release. Or launch the 4.0 console even:

And while trending, improved reporting, identity correlation, and portable content are all great feature adds, you can read about them anywhere and everywhere. So I'm not going to talk about them. What I am going to talk about are the little changes to the 4.0 console that I have found to be very useful. The stuff that you might not find if someone didn't point it out.

Let's start with filters. This one you'll probably find, but I just want to say, "Hallelujah!" Seriously, this makes me want to do backflips down the cube aisles like John Belushi in The Blues Brothers. They fixed the filter editor!

If you ever created a big, complicated filter in 3.x only to open it later to find a hideous tangled nest where your neatly organized filter had been before, then this is a victory for you. Take a look:

The other obvious improvement in the filters is automatic escaping of characters. Here's a screen shot of that:

This is an interesting feature add for a number of reasons. The big advantage to you is that when you send results to external formats (think HTML or PDF reports or CSV exports), you don't have to do escaping yourself. I suspect there are a number of advantages to the ArcSight Manager and Web components as well. I don't know, so I'll leave it to you to speculate.

One of the new features that I really like is in the right-click menu of the Events tab of the Case tool.

"Retrieve correlated events" will do exactly that. If, like me, you have cases that open with correlated events only, but you want to record or examine the events that triggered the case, this saves several minutes. Very handy.

The final feature that I wanted to talk about, and my personal favorite, has to do with an enhancement to event annotation. We use event annotation as a way to create an audit trail for log review. The selected events load in an active channel and then our handler-on-duty reviews the events, opens cases where necessary, and changes the events' annotation stage to "Closed" as a way to indicate systematically that they have been reviewed. This adds up to a good 10-15 hours of work that week at least, so anything we can do to speed the process along is greatly appreciated. Starting this month, we will be migrating to using the isReviewed event annotation flag.

The main reason for doing this, though, has more to do with a menu item and shortcut that's been added to the Active Channel / Grid view.

Now instead of 5 mouse clicks, Ctrl-R marks the events as reviewed. It's a nice streamline if you use the feature.
There are lots of other enhancements to the 4.0 console, many of which I probably haven't found yet. But these were the ones that jumped out at me and will have a positive impact on the way I use the tool.

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Great stuff on ArcSight. I really like this post and what you liked. It's great to hear it from a user instead of a sales guy.