Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It was 20 years ago today... (minus 19)

This time last year, I decided to act on my idea to steal Matasano's idea for an informal meetup for infosec practitioners, proselytizers, patrons, and partygoers. And while I can take credit for something that boils down to, "Hey, who likes beer and security? Then let's go to the bar!", I can't take credit for all of the awesome conversation and fascinating stories from some of the best and brightest infosec minds in the midwest or anywhere for that matter.

But that's what GRSec has become. I've been to most of the 12 meetups, and I've had a good time with and learned from others at each one. And so I want to extend a genuine thank you to everyone who's come out to a GRSec.

If you're in the Mid- or West Michigan area and want to network and talk shop with other infosec types, I encourage you to join us for GRSec. Or if you're in another geoloc, check out CitySec.org and find a meetup in your area.

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