Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Not-So-Secret Glee

When I heard that the only remaining semi-above-board sploit broker is calling it quits, I couldn't help but smile. We still have 3Com and iDefense buying exploits outright. For now. But to see that the "0Day eBay" model is failing for reasons beyond a sudden lack of staff, well that is good news.

I wish Adriel, Simon, and the rest of the folks at Netragard / SNOSoft no ill will whatsoever. I hope their business continues to prosper and that they continue to be positive, active members of the infosec community. That said, I've mentioned my stance on the buying and selling of software vulnerabilities before. There are very real ethical issues here. And, more importantly, there are very real security implications for corporations and end users, who seem to have no representation in the discussion about those ethics.

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