Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cool Things To Do In West Michigan This Spring

Sorry in advance if Google sent you here looking for tourist attractions. Blame it on the title's lack of creativity or specificity. But while I have your attention, if you like security and/or beer, and will be in the vicinity of Grand Rapids within the next 6 weeks, this could be your lucky day.

That's because...

  • This Friday, April 18th, Matt Carpenter of Intelguardians is presenting to the Grand Rapids ISSA. His talk will basically be like drinking from the SANS 504 firehose. The best parts of a 6-day course, condensed into 90 minutes or less. Matt was my instructor for 504, and he's awesome. This will be an excellent talk.
  • The following Tuesday is GRSec at Graydon's Crossing. Amazing pub food and a great beer selection. I like this place a lot.
  • And there's a pretty good chance that there will be another GRSec the Tuesday after that!

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