Friday, June 13, 2008

ArcSight's new Logger Apps

ArcSight is releasing the Logger 2.5 software here soon, and along with it new appliances with some interesting variations. You can check out the vitals on the ArcSight website here.

Prior versions of Logger were available in small, large, and SuperSized, where the SuperSized box was the same spec as the large box with artificial limitations removed via license key. So really only two boxes, all self-contained, all CentOS, all MySQL.

Now, there's a whole new batch. It would appear by the naming designations that they are going after PCI compliance heavily with the L3K-PCI, which must have retention policies and capabilities that make it easier to comply with PCI-DSS 5.2. Another model supports SAN-attached storage and Oracle, so you can grow your Logger with SAN instead of NAS. And finally, there are two new L7100 models with 6x750MB drives. If I'm doing my math right, that works out, after compression, to about 40TB 36TB of log storage. That's a significant increase over the 15TB 12TB that the large/SuperSized L5K boxes shipped with.

Update: Talked with Ansh at ArcSight today, and aparently the 2.5 software adds columns to the CEF event view. That's a big deal for folks using CEF events in Logger, and may make CEF-only the preferred format for most Logger users. The new software also includes real-time alert views (like Active Channels in ESM), as well as a number of other enhancements to alerts and search filters and more. Current customers can download 2.5 from the software site.

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Teguh Wilidarma said...

Hi Paul,
could you give some guide to administering logger? i searched thru google, but found nothing significant. How to(s) and tutorial would be enough i guess. Does it have to have syslog server for the logger to be able to read data from?