Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Conversation With My Wife

My wife was at her mother's tonight when she caught me on GMail chat. This is the log of that chat, unedited:

Jessica: boo!

me: hey there

Jessica: hey baby!
Just looking at my moms task mamanger, she has a ton of stuff running
inlcuiding a bunch of exe file

me: that's all you should see in task manager - exe files

Sent at 10:28 PM on Tuesday

Jessica: how amobile deviceservice.exe, alg.exe, msmsgs.exe, searchprotection.exe, jusched.exe, E-S10IC1.exe
all of these are listed under "Administrator"

me: some of those are fine
type them into google
searchprotection.exe sounds suspicious
don't log into the bank or anything

Jessica: why would there be 4 svchost.exe's?

me: that's typical

Jessica: or services.exe

me: both fine

Jessica: csrss.exe

me: also fine

Jessica: smss

me: seriously

Jessica: mDNSR

me: that sounds suspicious

Jessica: I don't need no stinkin google, I have you

me: meh
Sent at 10:33 PM on Tuesday


Hilary Rogers said...

Hi Paul,

I like!

It's Hilary here from LIUtilities.com - Uniblue - we also run the processlibrary.com website. Will you please contact me? hilaryr@uniblue.net

Just want to ask you a couple of things about processlibrary...

Hilary Rogers
Uniblue Systems Ltd

Anonymous said...

mDNSResponder is Bonjour normally installed by iTunes so that should be fine too...