Friday, September 5, 2008

Visual Analysis of 'Ideas in Security'

Amrit Williams, former Gartner analyst and CTO at BigFix is one of the bloggers that I follow regularly. Amrit's a very smart guy and I respect what he has to say. He recently wrote a pair of blog posts (here and here) that compliment eachother.

Now, in the details of what he has to say, Amrit and I are in agreement. But I got to thinking about the second post and how it relates to the first post. And, well, I fired up Visio and mapped the relationships between Amrit's greatest and worst ideas lists.

If we look at the great ideas that didn't spawn or perpetuate the worst ideas, then we're not left with much. Just segmentation and theory of least privilege. If we drop out planning and segmentation because they're not actually security ideas - just good ideas that work lots of places - we're left with Theory of Least Privilege as the one great idea to come out of security. Oddly, that seems about right.

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Amrit said...

That's pretty funny - thanks =)