Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inbox 3

Teguh writes,

Hi Paul,
could you give some guide to administering logger? i searched thru
google, but found nothing significant. How to(s) and tutorial would be enough i
guess. Does it have to have syslog server for the logger to be able to read data

The documentation for Logger is available from ArcSight's download center. Only registered customers have access, but I assume that if you've got a Logger box, that generally qualifies you.

With regard to your second question, yes Logger has a syslog server. It actually has a few. In Logger nomenclature these are "receivers." Logger supports UDP and TCP syslog, FTP and SSH file pull, NFS and CIFS remote filesystem. Logger also supports some ArcSight-specific receivers including a SmartMessage receiver for events forwarded from ESM and CEF-over-syslog (OK, ArcSight wouldn't agree that this is specific to their products, but despite the C standing for Common, CEF is anything but. At least right now.)
  1. Configuring Logger to act as a syslog server is pretty straightforward.
  2. From the web interface, navigate to Configuration, Event Input/Output.
  3. On the "Receivers" tab, click the Add button.
  4. Name your connector and set the type as "UDP Receiver" then click Next.
  5. The defaults for Compression Level and Encoding are fine. Select the IP address you want the listener to reside on, and set the port number. The default syslog server port is UDP/514.
  6. Click Save.
  7. On the "Receivers" tab, click the little no-smoking image next to the new receiver to enable it.

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