Monday, February 5, 2007

GRSec Inaugural Meetup 2/21

What: GRSec Meetup
When: 02/21/2007 5:30pm
Where: Grand Rapids Brewing Company
ToDo: RSVP by 2/19 if you can. If you don't RSVP, come anyway.

GRSec is a new social gathering for people involved in or interested in information security. Come talk shop with, rub elbows with, or buy drinks for other information security professionals. Connect with other people in your industry in your local area. There is no set topic or agenda. Just show up, ask questions, float ideas, or shoot the breeze.

GRSec is not an ISSA sponsored event. In fact, it's not sponsored at all, it's a casual meetup. However, ISSA members are invited to attend and encouraged to invite others who like information, security, beer, or cheese-stuffed pretzels. Despite the name, GRSec does not imply that you live or work in Grand Rapids, it only implies that you are willing to travel to Grand Rapids to hang out with infosec types.

If the first meetup is well-attended, we will try to make this a monthly thing, perhaps even over the summer (when there are no ISSA meetings and the patios are open!). So also bring suggestions for meeting locations and help get the word out.


Mark McKinnon said...

Who do we RSVP to?

PaulM said...

To me. RSVP right here if you like.

I'm just trying to get a ballpark number of attendees in advance so that the brewery can accommodate our group.

Bamm said...

I hope you guys can make a go of this. I'll have to make it a point to schedule a vacation to the homeland (Fremont, MI) around one of these meetings this summer.


Mark McKinnon said...

I will not be able to attend this time, because of another commitment but wanted to get in contact and show some interest. I would have sent you an email but I do not see one on your blog.

Mark McKinnon

PaulM said...

p melson [circa] gmail dot com