Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

Did you know that it's possible to overwhelm a Treo be simply ignoring your e-mail for two weeks? :-) Now you do.

OK, first of all I want to get some thank-you's out. Thank you to Jeff Moss and the Black Hat staff for putting on an amazing conference. Thank you to OWASP, Microsoft, and especially Don Donzal and EthicalHacker.net for buying the bar. Thanks (and congrats!) to the 1@stPlace guys for hanging out Thursday night. It was great to meet you all and nice job on your 2nd consecutive win! Oh, and thank you to Dateline producer Michelle Madigan for sending me home from Vegas with a story I could tell to people that don't grok '%48%45%58'.

And second, here are my pictures. All taken with my Treo, so they pretty much look horrible.

David Litchfield teaching "Breakable: ..."

(L-R) Peter Ferrie, Tom Ptacek, Nate Lawson, Dino Dai Zovi

Free Shirts !
(Note the rare and prized ArcSight Ace & Gary shirt)

Alexander Tereshkin, Joanna Rutkowska


Bruce Schneier

Tim und das Grosse Bier
( @ Hofbrauhaus - thanks again Don Donzal!)

CTF !@#!!
(Kenshoto ninjas surrounded me and demanded the SD card, but I escaped)

Lockpicking races

Priest kicking folks out of Bruce Potter's very popular talk

S'mores rule!
(Vegas to Pentwater was opposite ends of the spectrum, but just what I needed!)

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